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Hiring can be an exhausting process with the sorting of countless resumes and holding interviews. There could be a high opportunity cost too if the managerial team has to spend time and effort to conduct the interviews. It is a waste of internal resources with every hour spent on interviewing an unsuitable candidate when the person involved could redirect his time on his own work. So how can Karizma come into the picture to assist our clients?

Partnering philosophy
we partner our clients to gain a truthful understand and insight into the corporate culture and business challenges, which will help us find the most fitting candidates. Therefore, we go beyond just filling up a headcount, we will get you candidates who will be able contribute to your business.
We work closely with the various hiring managers to truly understand their leadership style to ensure that there will be a right chemistry fit between the incumbents and the hiring managers. Simply because, we believe that employees leave the management, not the organization.

Sharing of business challenges and priorities will allow the candidates to thoroughly understand the required commitment and skills to grow with and within the organizations.
Real-Time’ search process
Who needs Executive Search if you can hire a job seeker via advertising? It is the performer whom we are seeking for.

We proactively explore the opportunity with the talents who are currently doing the job regardless if they are looking out with a comprehensive and
in-depth market research conducted for every position.

Our clients can also audit our work with a ready search report, with minimum 85% coverage based on the prerequisite given by them. This is particularly useful for organizations with newly created portfolio and/or strategic positions as clients will get a good understanding on the basic profile of talents available in the market.
Flat Rate Concept
It may sound low in percentage but the actual total fee paid to fill up a position can be significant. With our flat rate concept, our clients can be rest assured and at ease to know that the total fee we bill is fixed, without any surprises.
This flat fee model is also implemented to ensure our clients that Karizma will shortlist the best fit candidate instead of the highest paid candidate.
High touch
Hiring is like inviting a stranger to be a part of your family.. Job change is like living with a new family in a new environment.

Our clients and candidates receive personable services from our consultants. We constantly update both parties with transparency on the
status of the search to improve trust and confidence, while minimizing possible miscommunications.

Our clients feel that we are there to assist them in all possible ways, while keeping the process as seamless as possible with our aim to provide services that exceed expectations. On another hand, our candidates trust us to recommend what is best for their career advancement and enjoy the honest communication. This process allows both our clients and candidates to get to know one another out of the interview realm.